JK LEISURES Pvt. Ltd. is hospitality leaders and innovators, developing new creative concepts to enhance the customer experience through high tech solutions.
JK LEISURES Pvt. Ltd. designs hospitality experiences in line with today’s consumer tastes; each event is different and draws a unique crowd. Using a tiered approach to hospitality, each experience is tailored to the target audience and allows the customer to clearly recognize the differences between price points, exclusions and inclusions.
JK LEISURES Pvt. Ltd. is a design-led company that creates superior projects through a harmonious blend of innovation, authenticity and local culture, with the vision to create and operate the future of wellness hospitality.

JK LEISURES Pvt. Ltd. aspires to be a synonym of Wellness& Hospitality as a leading operator and trusted consulting partner, representing the highest competence and expertise within the industry. We exemplify a design-led company that creates projects through a harmonious blend of innovation, authenticity and local culture.
We place great value on our owners and partners, and carefully conceptualize and adopt a customized approach in order to develop JK LEISURES Pvt. Ltd. - brand’s Spa’s and Wellness Retreats that are on brand but also have their own personality and reflect their locale.
We understand that guest satisfaction is of paramount importance, driving repeat business, referrals and profitability. Leading by example, we have gained a reputation in every aspect of Wellness and Hospitality facility design, development and operations including recruitment, marketing and management. Recognizing the value of highly trained team members, we make it our business to offer a wide range of practical, commercial and theoretical training in all areas of Hospitality as well as Spa and Wellness Business management from therapist training, fitness, Salons and wellness programmed to retail and reception skills and business acumen.